Engine Ready Management

Jamie Smith

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Jamie Smith, CEO of Engine Ready Software got an early entrepreneurial start during the beginning of the Internet boom building and selling websites. Mr. Smith has over 10 years of Internet Marketing experience, continually staying on top of the newest opportunities in the ever-changing Internet business landscape.

In 1998, Mr. Smith founded World Methods, an Internet marketing agency headquartered on the Island of Martha's Vineyard.

World Methods and Engine Ready merged in September of 2001 putting together a robust online services organization with a talented group of Internet software visionaries. Under Smith's tenure, Engine Ready has transformed from a local Internet marketing services company into a leading strategic software development firm.

Mr. Smith studied Business Administration at the University of Vermont and has a Bachelor of Science in Management and Occupational Safety from Keene State College.

Brian Lewis

Vice President

"It's all about attracting more qualified traffic, revenue, and brand recognition to our client's web sites, as well as providing accurate and easy to understand metrics" is the mantra of V.P. Brian Lewis. Lewis brings a robust background in strategic business marketing and management to Engine Ready.

As founder of an Internet Marketing Agency, and previous to that, President of the world's leading catalog/Internet supplier of aviation training equipment, Lewis has proven that he has the marketing know-how to deliver consistent and sustainable results clients have needed to boost their organizations to the next level. "At Engine Ready, we provide the strategy, tools and execution that make our clients' Internet Marketing investments really pay off. It's a passion that runs deep throughout our organization."

A speaker at many industry conferences, as well as being involved with local interactive marketing associations, Lewis works closely with other team leaders in helping define the vision, strategy and tactics.

Mr. Lewis earned his B.A. in Economics from the University of California, San Diego and his M.B.A. in Finance from the Graduate School of Management, Arizona State University, graduating both schools with honors.

Brad Merkel

VP of Business Development

Originally from the East Coast, Brad moved to San Diego in 2004 and later joined Engine Ready in 2007. After gaining valuable sales experience in real estate finance, Brad pursued his love of technology and online marketing by jumping head first into the rapidly evolving search marketing industry. Brad is responsible for cultivating new business relationships, building processes, optimizing workflow and ensuring the satisfaction of Engine Ready’s clients. Since Brad joined the Engine Ready team he has brought on millions of dollars under PPC management and worked with many brands including Pebble Beach, Volkswagen, Stanford University, Pure Flo Water, Health Care Group and more.

Brad Merkel received a B.S. in Marketing from Clemson University and continues to stay current with several web development and marketing classes.

Matt Blatchley

VP of Technology

Matt Blatchley has been creating web applications ranging from common websites to enterprise web software for over 10 years. Mr. Blatchley has continually stayed on top of the newest integration trends and technologies in the industry creating new opportunities for businesses. Recently, Mr. Blatchley has been building web software and tools focused on sales automation and web optimization techniques.

In 2001, Mr. Blatchley founded Bridgeleaf Studios, a Web Development firm which in 2009 merged with Engine Ready, to advance the web software business at Engine Ready.

Mr. Blatchley received a B.S. in Computer Science from Keene State College.

Danny Franklin

Technical Support Lead

Danny brings more than 19 years of diverse technical experience to Engine Ready. Prior to joining Engine Ready, Danny was the technical voice for what was Borland's Roundtable Total Software Management System, where he successfully revitalized the organization through defining and creating technical relationships with their resellers and customers.

Franklin earned a B.S. degree in Statistics and Computer Science from San Jose State University and a Masters of Science in Mathematics from the University of Connecticut.

Mike Poserina

Senior Search Marketing Manager & Strategic Development

Mike is one of those rare individuals who have a robust understanding of both marketing and technology. He started his search engine marketing career with the Indian Motorcycle Company, America’s first motorcycle manufacturer, where he built up their entire Ecommerce division.

In addition, Mike was responsible for all MARCOM activities and campaigns for Hummer, Corvette & Triumph Motorcycle stores. His extensive background in managing email, banner, and Pay-Per-Click Search Marketing campaigns has proven to be a key reason in the success of clients’ online marketing initiatives. Mike’s strong technical skills and expertise in Microsoft Excel has brought about large gains in operational efficiencies.

Mike Poserina received a B.A. in Information Science from the State University of New York at Albany.