Engine Ready Releases SEO versus PPC Study Results

August 24, 2009

San Diego, CA, August 24, 2009 -- Engine Ready released today the latest update to a search marketing industry study that compares conversion data of visitors arriving on sites from PPC ads, organic listings, other website's and by typing the URL into the address bar of the visitor’s browser. For a limited time, Engine Ready will make the full results of the study available free of charge.

The study, which amassed over 20 million visits and 108 million page views was prepared over a 12 month period to determine if PPC visitors were worth more to an commerce merchant than SEO visitors. Metrics measured included conversion rate, average order value, average time spent on site, average number of pages views per visit and average value per visitor.

“For quite some time, marketers have debated which investment tends to generate higher returns, pay per click or search engine optimization”, reports Engine Ready CEO Jamie Smith. “This study prepared by the Engine Ready Research Team hoped to bring some clarity to that discussion by analyzing ROI and visitor engagement metrics with the intent to provide marketers with a better vision on which types of visitors most cost-effectively meet their goals”.

Discussing the benefits of this study, Engine Ready Vice President Brian Lewis adds, “As marketers hone in on defining their online marketing goals, set key performance benchmarks, and aggressively measure, analyze, and test, they will have a clearer understanding of which types of visitors are most cost effective to meeting those goals. Armed with this information they can adjust the marketing investment and web content based on traffic source to maximize the value of each visitor.”

To obtain a copy of the full study which includes data, charts and in-depth discussion and analysis, visit engineready.com. For a limited time Engine Ready will be providing this study to the public at no charge.

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