MSN adCenter™ Campaign Management Services Now Available

April 3, 2006

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) April 3, 2006 - Engine Ready, Inc. announced today the exciting release of a new Internet Marketing service to help clients increase sales using the MSN adCenter™ pay-per-click search engine. Engine Ready’s new service called QuickStart™, is designed to help marketers get a jumpstart on utilizing the power of MSN’s new advertising model.

"We're thrilled to be one of the first Internet Marketing agencies to offer clients complete campaign setup and management of adCenter™ accounts," reports CEO Jamie Smith. "adCenter™ offers a level of demographic targeting unheard of anywhere on the Internet – the ability to precisely zero-in on a company’s target market is a tremendous benefit.”

Smith goes on to add, "With our proven successes in managing demo-targeted Internet campaigns, Engine Ready is perfectly poised to assist marketers in taking full advantage of the power of adCenter™."

Engine Ready’s QuickStart™ program is available for companies that currently run pay-per-click campaigns in other paid engines, as well as companies who are looking to get started only with MSN's adCenter™. Interested parties are urged to contact Engine Ready’s Corporate Office at 855-816-6770, or visit their site at for more information.

About Engine Ready, Inc.

Engine Ready, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing search marketing services and software, helping organizations achieve unparalleled success on their web initiatives. Managing paid search accounts in excess of 15 million keywords, and over $10.1 million in annual media spend, Engine Ready was the first organization to deliver companies the benefits of combining the power of website analytics with search marketing.

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