Share the Wealth - Online Marketing Strategies To Be Released to Public

August 8, 2007

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) August 8, 2007 -- Leading Search Marketing Software firm Engine Ready, Inc. announced today they will be releasing to the public, at no charge, a series of previously undisclosed and proprietary online marketing strategies and software tools used by the firm. Engine Ready's use of these strategies has delivered measurable and sustainable improvements to their client's PPC accounts.

"These are not the same mainstream re-hashed tactics that have been bandied about in countless articles, forums and how-to books", commented Engine Ready's VP of Marketing, Brian Lewis. "Along with their demonstrated value in providing successful client management, the PPC strategies we're releasing have never been disclosed, or openly discussed anywhere in our industry".

The first strategy released, called "Operation Camouflage", shows marketers how to gain a competitive advantage by camouflaging their pay per click ads to deceive their competition.

Engine Ready explains that the essence of Operation Camouflage is the illusion created to fool competitors into believing you have retreated from the competitive battlefield, when in fact you are strategically positioning your PPC ads for victory. The direct benefits of this strategy have proven successful for Engine Ready clients for nearly a year now.

The entire contents of Operation Camouflage can be found at

Engine Ready's CTO, Jason Miller adds, "I hope the continued public releases of Operation Camouflage and other Engine Ready strategies serve as a small voice in our industry to move past the rehashed and expired advice continually delivered to the masses. Additionally, some segments of the industry continually breed a culture of obfuscating good information when it is to their benefit alone. We should all seek to end this approach now. In the words of the Dali Lama, 'Share your knowledge, it's a way to achieve immortality'."

Mr. Miller, the chief architect of these strategies, announced that the next online marketing strategy to be released, called "Ad Flint" will accompany a free software tool that makes PPC ad creation tremendously more effective. Engine Ready CEO Jamie Smith stated that he plans to showcase Ad Flint and offer the free download at the Search Engine Strategies (SES) show in San Jose, CA, August 21 and 22.

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