Free Landing Page Optimization Tool for Increasing Conversions Surpasses 1000 users

Over 1000 search marketers from all over the world have now used ConversionCritic to improve their landing pages.

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 23, 2009

Search marketers in growing numbers are improving their landing pages and increasing conversions by using Engine Ready’s free online landing page analysis tool, ConversionCritic. Worldwide over 1,000 eCommerce and lead generation companies have now signed up for the free app which both analyzes and makes recommendations on how search marketers can improve the conversion potential of their landing pages.

ConversionCritic is the only online application that scores a marketer’s landing page effectiveness based on 37 criteria, providing vital feedback on suggested modifications for increasing conversion. Marketers receive both summary and detailed reports on the 4 primary components that impact how well a landing page will convert: Marketing effectiveness, Offer clarity, Readability, and Engagement (MORE).

"With the intense focus on ROI (return on investment), marketers understand that optimizing pages for conversion has become a top priority", reports Engine Ready’s CEO Jamie Smith. "ConversionCritic is a perfect resource for search marketers to see exactly which on-page factors can contribute to higher conversions and what improvements are needed to further increase their online ROI."

To access ConversionCritic, visit For a limited time Engine Ready will be making this tool available to the public at no charge.

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