AMICA Insurance Implements Engine Ready Business Software For Pay Per Click Search Engine Promotion

January 14, 2002

NEWPORT BEACH, California and Providence, Rhode Island, January 14th, 2002- AMICA Insurance purchased Engine Ready Good Keywords Business Edition today for assistance with their pay per click search engine strategy.

About AMICA Insurance

AMICA Insurance ( is always ready with a friendly answer and fast results, whether you have a coverage question or a claim. AMICA has implemented cutting edge technologies to expedite their services, but building a personal relationship with the customer is the core of AMICA's business philosophy. AMICA's customer service representatives live by the golden rule, treating you with the same courtesy, attention to detail, and concern they would expect if they needed help. AMICA prides itself on prompt and efficient handling of claims, and retains more staff per policyholder than most insurance companies. In addition, there are no agents between AMICA and you. As a result the customer deals directly with one of their customer representatives, which saves valuable time and ensures clear communication in changes and transactions to your account. AMICA is a mutual insurance company, which means they are owned by their policyholders. Earnings are shared with policyholders through dividends.

About Engine Ready, Inc.

Engine Ready, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing search marketing services and software, helping organizations achieve unparalleled success on their web initiatives. Managing paid search accounts in excess of 15 million keywords, and over $10.1 million in annual media spend, Engine Ready was the first organization to deliver companies the benefits of combining the power of website analytics with search marketing.

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