Engine Ready CEO, Jamie Smith to Speak At the SMX Search Analytics Conference

March 31, 2009

San Diego, CA - Industry leading speaker Jamie Smith, CEO of Engine Ready will be sharing his insights on successful search marketing on a panel called “Analyzing and Converting Paid Search Traffic” at the SMX Search Analytics Conference. The session, scheduled for March 31st in Toronto, Ontario, will discuss methods to boost ROI using advanced search analytics.

SMX Search Analytics is the only conference focused on the powerful yet challenging discipline of search analytics. Attendees will participate in sessions that deliver effective, actionable and ROI enhancing tactics. Designed for intermediate to advanced search marketers, SMX Search Analytics assists marketers maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns through state-of-the-art marketing tactics, advanced use of analytics data and software tools.

"The combination of a challenging economy, reduced marketing budgets, and increased sophistication among online competitors have created an urgent need for marketers to be using the best tools and campaign strategies available", reports Mr. Smith. "At this session, we'll be uncovering new ways to use analytics data to improve the effectiveness of your creative, landing pages and other elements of your PPC campaigns."

SMX Search Analytics will have a variety of sessions on PPC, SEO, web analytics, landing page optimization, practices for testing campaigns and tips on analyzing valuable data. For more information, visit searchmarketingexpo.com.

About Engine Ready, Inc.

Engine Ready, Inc. is a recognized leader in providing search marketing services and software, helping organizations achieve unparalleled success on their web initiatives. Managing paid search accounts in excess of 15 million keywords, and over $10.1 million in annual media spend, Engine Ready was the first organization to deliver companies the benefits of combining the power of website analytics with search marketing.

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