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Call Analytics & Call Tracking Software

Don’t be fooled by your web analytics.

If you think your web analytics are giving you all the information you need to manage your paid search accounts, you’d be shocked to see what they’re not telling you.

Are you accurately tracking your call-in sales?

When a prospect visits your site from your PPC ad, they might call you to ask more details about your products or services… or perhaps place their order with you over the phone.

Without Call Analytics, you're probably making incorrect decisions about your keywords, and reducing the profitability of your PPC campaigns.

  • Track call-in leads and sales by campaign, search engine & keyword
  • Optimize top spending PPC keywords that may appear unprofitable based on your web analytics
  • Maximize the value of your search marketing spend by knowing which keywords drive your call-in leads
  • Compare revenue of call-in leads/sales versus online orders

Call Analytics enables you to create targeted marketing campaigns & achieve greater profitability

How it works:

  1. Select the marketing campaign or keyword you want to measure.
  2. Receive your exclusive pool of 800 numbers from Engine Ready.
  3. Place scripts on your landing pages to dynamically serve up unique 800 numbers for each campaign or keyword.
  4. Review reports to determine which campaigns or keywords are generating call-in leads.
  5. Modify your campaigns and increase your ROI.

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