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Are All "800" Numbers Treated Equal?

Although the "800" prefix has been around for over 40 years, its next oldest sibling, "888" is only 13 years old. The "877" prefix came about 11 years ago, while the youngest "866" has only been in use for 9 years.

Does the longer legacy of the "800" prefix result in higher conversions when tested against the newer toll-free prefixes?
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PPC vs. SEO – The Final Battle

As an online marketer, what keeps you up at night? For a lot of us, it’s the debate over whether to invest our limited promotional budget into SEO or PPC to achieve the highest conversion and average order value.

Learn which traffic source provides the highest converting and largest spending customers.
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The 57-Point Checklist to Hiring the Right Search Agency

Are you in pursuit of the right agency that will catapult your online marketing return on investment?

If you do a search in Google for “search marketing agencies” you’ll get 4,640,000 listings. Assuming you had the time to research all 4+ million, how can you best determine which agency will deliver on their promises?
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Average PPC Ad Position Study

The days of campaign success relying solely on good bid management are long over. Ad positioning related to quality score and click through rate (CTR), as well as the influence of ad scheduling, geo-targeting and demographic targeting have created an entirely new opportunity for strategy development.

Read the results of our one year study on the power of ad position as it relates to conversion rate and CPA.
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The Ingredient for E-commerce Success – Web Analytics

Imagine coaching a football team in the Super Bowl and not keeping score. The coach has no idea what plays worked or what strategies may beat the competition. Some companies run their e-commerce business that way, losing many opportunities to increase leads, sales and profits.

To ensure that a company gets the highest return online, it needs a quality Web analytics tool to keep score.
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