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PENSRUS: “The newfound strategies implemented by Engine Ready greatly increased my profitability from paid search at a time when I was ready to give up on the medium. There really is no substitute for quality analytics and sound search marketing strategies”, reports Henry Morgan of PENSRUS Corporation.

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American Financial Services

American Financial Services: (AFS) recognized early the importance of a strong Internet presence and driving qualified leads to its site. AFS approached Engine Ready to re-configure and take over complete management of their pay-per-click accounts.

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The Black dog

The Black Dog: Within 6 months of hiring Engine Ready, The Black Dog experienced a 30% increase in online sales and a 33% increase in average order size. The Black Dog is now reaching a larger market using Engine Ready's search engine marketing strategies and the new web site is converting 5% of visitors to sales.

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Ciena Corporation

Ciena Corporation: Within 4 months of taking over the management of Ciena’s online marketing accounts, Engine Ready’s comprehensive testing was beginning to show significant increases in qualified traffic at reduced cost per leads. In fact, Ciena’s cost per lead, originally at $12, declined 50% to $6.

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