Web Analytics Glossary

Commonly Used Terms

Bounce Rate
Used to determine the least effective pages on your web site and is the percentage of visitors entering the page who left the site without going to any other pages within the site.(# of bounced visits / # of visits to that page)

CPA (Cost per action)
A measure of how much it cost in ad spend to acquire a new lead or sale. Also known as cost per acquisition; cost per lead; cost per order. (Click charges / # of actions)

CPC (Cost per click)
A measure of how much you paid on average for each click. (Click charges / # of clicks)

CTR (Click through rate)
Used to convey the effectiveness of your online ad. (# clicks / # impressions)

Conversion Funnel
The series of pages that move a visitor towards a pre-defined action.

Conversion Rate
Determines the effectiveness of your web page in converting visitors to sales or leads. Percentage of clicks that converted to actions. (# actions / # clicks)

Customer Segment
A sub-group of customers who share a particular attribute.

A single screen that provides multiple metrics, reports or charts on the effectiveness of your business.

Entry Page
First viewed page on the site.

Exit Page
Last viewed page on the site.

A generally misused and not particular instructive metric defined as any request for a file, including images on a page. A plain web page with 4 images would generate 5 hits when visited.

Number of times your ad is displayed.

Key performance indicator defined by user that is important in determining the success of an initiative.

Page Views
Used to convey relative popularity of pages within your site. Number of pages successfully loaded from your site for visitors. This excludes error pages and views by search engine robots/spiders.

ROAS (Return on ad spend)
A determination of the effectiveness of your ad spending. (Sales / ad costs)

Referral site
used to determine the source of your web traffic and is defined as the site URL or title where your visitors came from.

Scenario Analysis
A report showing activity at each step of a pre-defined scenario.

An instance of 1 visitor browsing a site.

Measures the number of people who come to your site. Generally measured within a 30 minute time span from the first visit, so if a visitor visits your site, goes away and comes back 35 minutes later and clicks around, his activity would be considered 2 visits.

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