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One of the most powerful features in web analytics software is the ability to track metrics for more than 1 event or "action".

For instance, let's say the primary action you're looking for on your site is a lead or a sale, but you also have a newsletter and a contact form. To get the best results from your campaign, you're going to want to measure performance (number of actions and the keyword cost associated with those actions) for each of those actions.

Why? Well since a sale is worth more to your business than a newsletter sign-up, you're willing to pay more for a keyword that generates a sale versus a newsletter sign-up. Now assume your analytics is only tracking the number of sales and the associated keyword costs that generated those sales.

Based on this data, how do you know how much you can profitably bid on keywords that generate leads for you through your newsletter sign-up form?

Without the metrics for your newsletter sign-up, you might reduce your bids on keywords not generating sales, even though those keywords are generating you profitable leads via your newsletter sign-up.

In order to accurately manage a campaign in this situation, your analytics programs must allow you to define and track more than 1 action.

If you're using Engine Ready's Conversion Analyst software, you can define and track up to 10 different actions, giving you the power to measure the effectiveness of your online marketing campaign, and determine which keywords are driving your various actions.

Sounds good. How do I set it up?

In Conversion Analyst, it's pretty simple to setup your account to track more than 1 action. We've broken down the process into 3 easy steps…

1. First click the SETTINGS tab at the top of your screen, and then click the Action Tracking link associated with this icon.

Next, your screen will show you a listing of actions that you can setup. Notice that you can change the names of any action except for "SALE".

You'll see that your actions may be set as not unique, which means that every action is counted.

We recommend that in most cases you set your actions to unique, so an accidental page refresh on your

thank-you page doesn't get counted as an extra action.

Now let's assume that besides tracking the Sales action, we also want to track E-Book downloads as an action. Our first step is to change the name of Action #2 from SIGNUP to E-BOOK Downloads, and click the "Update" button.

2. Next we need to be sure that the Conversion Analyst tracking script is on our E-Book download "Thank-you" page - the page that displays after our visitor has successfully downloaded our E-Book. Go to the HTML for that page and look for code similar to this.

This code should be directly above the closing body tag </BODY>. If you don't have tracking code similar to the above box, we'll need to add it to that "Thank-you" page.

If you do have the tracking code, please skip down to step 3.

To add our tracking script to our E-Book Download "Thank-you" page, first click on INSTALLATION at the top of your Conversion Analyst screen. You'll be taken to a page containing:

You'll need to answer the next 4 questions about your site, and then click the Next >> button.

The next page will look like this:

Scroll down to the box of code, and then copy and paste the entire code on our E-Book Download "Thank-you" page directly above the closing body tag </BODY>.

3. Now that we've got the tracking script on our E-Book Download "Thank-you" page, we need to make 1 small modification to the script and we're all set to track our new action.

Remember from above that we set Action #2 as the action to track the E-Book Downloads. So, locate the following line in your tracking script:

//var ACTION='';

Now, modify that line to look like:

var ACTION='02';

Noticed that we removed the 2 forward slashes and inserted the number 02 in between the single quotes. Now save the file (and be sure it's uploaded to your site) and you're done.

Got Questions? Give us a Call

Remember that you can contact our support team at 1.855.816.6770 to assist with you any part of this setup, so feel free to give us a call.

So, if you have more than 1 action on your site that you'd be like to track, be sure to take advantage of Conversion Analyst's powerful multiple action tracking and get the statistics you need to boost your return on all of your online marketing efforts.

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