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Build a stronger brand through content distribution and advertising on the right social network for your business.

Whether your goal is building a loyal audience, strengthening your brand, or reaching the right contacts in a B2B environment, Engine Ready can craft a strategy to help you succeed. Engine Ready’s Social Media Advertising services aggressively targets your audience while optimizing the message and reach of your campaigns. We have service packages available for Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin to customize for your unique business needs.

Learn how our Social Media Managers craft a strategy to drive conversions for your existing marketing channels and maintain a positive brand image.


If you’re not winning the social game, you’re losing:

Social media is an integral part of every multi-channel marketing plan. If you’re not taking advantage of it you are letting your competitors make an impression on your customers and decrease your market share. There is a Social Media channel for your business whether you are B2B or B2C.

Customers actively seek promotions and rewards through social advertising.

Over 70% of consumers place the highest value of social media with businesses on rewards programs that increase buying frequency and promotions which are created by marketers with the goal of acquiring new customers. Are your customer’s going to take your competitor’s deal or are you going to prevent that with a social loyalty program that keeps your customer involved?

Intern’s may have the time, but results come from a proven approach.

If you are considering having an intern or copywriter without Social Media advertising experience run your campaigns this can do more damage than good a lesson that even NFL teams have learned the hard way. Developing an ad campaign, content production and promotional strategy takes experience and placing your brand in an interns hands can make your business look unprofessional.

Social media follower’s spend more, more often.

Our data has shown that not only do customers who follow a company on facebook, twitter or Linkedin buy from that company more frequently, they also spend more on each purchase. This is due to the trust that can be generated by building a brand identity and consistently being top of mind for your customers.

An effective strategy comes from testing:

Poor performance or a lack of assisted conversions from social media efforts is normally due to a poorly structured strategy. A properly constructed social media campaign can increase its effectiveness by 300% according to Engine Ready’s client data. Using proprietary best practices developed from internal testing we have created a proven formula to create awareness within a targeted audience, create involvement through content and generate action resulting in a high conversion rate.


Aggressively drive ROAS

We utilize industry leading strategies to drive traffic to the places that it counts. You will see an increase in conversions, conversion value and traffic with our proven techniques and strategies.

Make data driven decisions

Each client has a different goal with social media and a different set of KPI’s that drive marketing decisions. If you are looking to build a following, strengthen your brand, provide customer service or increase sales, Engine Ready’s analytics and account data driven strategies will take your marketing to the next level.

Accurately assess campaign effectiveness

Development of accurate data will be the key to measuring the effectiveness of your campaign and to setting future budgets. Engine Ready has the tools to execute, measure and report on social media effectiveness accurately and report back on your ROAS.

Increase the effectiveness of all marketing efforts

Have you noticed that the highest converting visitors are the ones who visit your site via direct url? These visitors found your site through another marketing source or through word of mouth. Engine Ready reports on last click conversions and conversion assists to give credit to the correct marketing channels and optimize accordingly. We also craft a strategy that is in line with your business marketing image to offer a continuous message that increases the effectiveness of all of your Marketing efforts.

Give credit where it’s due:

By tracking and reporting on conversion assists you will know the true effect of your social media efforts. What we have seen is that while Social Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter are not often a last click conversion source, they are often the channel that initiates the awareness that leads to last click conversions through organic search, PPC advertising or a direct url visit.


Engine Ready offers value added social media ad management on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with dedicated service, aggressive testing and data driven strategies that will take your brand to the next level. When you sign up you can expect to receive:

  • A dedicated account manager
  • A needs analysis to develop a customized strategy that fits your brand image
  • Development of graphic ad images
  • Development of ad text
  • Choosing the right audience within your target area and demographic, or position in a company
  • Aggressive ad testing for maximum click through rates, minimized bounce rate, and increased conversions
  • Bid management to stay within your budget requirements
  • Reporting on vital KPI’s unique to each social channel

Reporting Features:

Since Each Social media Marketing Channel is different Engine Ready customizes the KPI’s of our reports depending of the network that is a best fit for your business and advertising objective.

Facebook ad management KPI’s include: budget, impressions, CTR, Cost per click, Cost per million impressions, visits, likes, cost per like, visitor engagement metrics, click throughs to website, assisted conversions, Bounce Rate, Duration of visit, Assisted conversion value, ROAS

Twitter ad management KPI’s include: impressions, retweets, clicks, replies, follows, assisted conversions, assisted conversion value, ROAS

Linkedin ad Management KPI’s include: Impressions, clicks, CTR, CPC, CPM, Followers, Contacts, Visits, Assisted Conversions, Linked in is a vital lead generation tool used by businesses and sales staff to target people in specific positions within companies and get their product or service in front of the right eyes. For the right candidate we see the lower cost per click and more relevant audience produce a considerably lower CPA and higher conversion rate than Adwords and Bing. We see the best results when using a multi channel approach and monitoring conversion assist data.

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