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Adwords Conversion Metrics

Posted on by Mike Poserina in Google AdWords, Uncategorized

If you have recently gone to run a report in Google Adwords and attempted to customized the report by adding or removing columns you probably have noticed a change.  Under the “Conversion Columns” section you will now have the option of (1-per-click) or (many-per-click).

Adwords Conversion Metrics

This is Google’s new update for conversion tracking, but what exactly do these new options mean?


Currently Google Adwords reports the 1-per-click conversion.  This means if someone clicks on your Ad and results in multiple conversions, it will only be counted as 1 conversion.


On the other hand many-per-click conversions will report each conversion after someone has come to your website through your Ad.  So if somebody clicks your Ad, buys something, bookmarks your page, and comes back a week later and purchases something else it will be reported as 2 conversions.

Your Thoughts?

For now, these additions are only being shown through the reports in the Adwords Interface.  Google is planning on eventually releasing this feature to Adwords Editor, Adwords API, and the new Adwords Interface.

These features will hopefully help managing campaigns with a variety of advertising goals and help you compare your PPC campaign with other online campaign as they usually use many-per-click as their conversion metric.

So how do you think of these new features will effect how you manage and report your campaigns?  We are not sure how useful it will be for us, but we will soon find out.