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(Answer) – Where is the IP Exclusion feature in Google AdWords?

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  • (Answer) – Where is the IP Exclusion feature in Google AdWords?
Posted on by Mike Poserina in Google AdWords

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Great Question.

According to Google they jumped the gun just a bit too soon with regards to the new Display Network tab in your campaign.  This is the only place where you can add IP’s to be excluded from the auction.  Simple navigate to the Display Network tab, expand “Exclusions” and look for Manage IP address exclusions (advanced) which is located at the bottom of the page.  Done!

But wait….  I don’t have the Display Network tab, how do I access this IP exclusion feature?

The work around is to create a $1.00 budget campaign (no ads/keywords/placements/topics), opt in to display.  From there you can apply the IP’s to all campaigns.

To encourage people installing conversion tracking on their account, Google is offering a $100 advertising credit for customers for the Holidays. But fear not, if you already have this installed on your site Google is still extending the offer (Until Feb. 15th 2011) to all customers.

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Good luck!