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Custom Write 100’s of Google Ads in a Flash!

Posted on by Mike Poserina in Google AdWords

Problem: A PPC account needs to be built ASAP and activated.
Method: You build your account in Excel or the AdWords editor as opposed to the AdWords Interface.
Difficulty: You have many ad groups and don”t have the time to custom write countless creatives.
Solution: Setup the architecture of your campaigns in such a way that you can easily leverage the power of Excel to do the dirty work.

For the purpose of this outline, we will use a Tee Shirt Company as a potential client.

If we setup the Campaign/AdGroup structure so that the Campaign is the Main Description, the AdGroup is a Sub Description & the Keywords encorporate the Campaign and AdGroup names, we can then transform a generic ad into an individualy customized one. This will allow us to take advantage of the keyword bolding feature on the SERP.

For Example:
(your experience may vary)

Campaign   AdGroup
Mens  Tee Shirts
Mens  Printed Shirts
Mens  Polo Shirts
Mens  Golf Shirts
Mens  Tank Tops
Womens Tee Shirts
Womens  Printed Shirts
Womens  Polo Shirts
Womens  Golf Shirts
Womens  Tank Tops
Boys  Tee Shirts
Boys  Printed Shirts
Boys  Polo Shirts
Boys  Golf Shirts
Boys  Tank Tops

If you are unsure how to get a list of all of your Campaigns and AdGroup names by themselves, you can copy the entire account into a new Excel worksheet and select the “Remove Duplicates” feature located under the “Data” tab.  Check-Mark the Campaign & AdGroup column only. This will return a clean list of all ad groups and their corresponding campaigns. You can then delete the remaining columns (max CPC, destination URL, etc.)

When writing ad creative in Excel, you must have your columns formatted correctly [Order listed below.] After that, it can be Cut from Excel and Pasted into the Editor.

Column A:Campaign
Column B:AdGroup
Column C:Headline
Column D:Description Line 1
Column E:Description Line 2
Column F:Display URL
Column G:Destination URL

For this strategy though, we will require 6 additional columns to write our formulas in:

Column A: Campaign
Column B: AdGroup
Column C: Headline
Column D: Description Line 1
Column E: Description Line 2
Column F: H1 (Will count the Headline Characters)
Column G: D1 (Will count the Description Line 1  Characters)
Column H: D2 (Will count the Description Line 2  Characters)
Column I: Formula H1 (Uses the Headline – In this example we are not customizing the field)
Column J: Formula D1 (Replaces XXX in the Description Line 1 text with the AdGroup name)
Column K:Formula D2 (Replaces XXX in the Description Line 2 text with the Campaign name)
Column L: Display URL
Column M:Destination URL

Next, write a generic ad using Cells C,D,E,L, & M.  The idea behind writing this ad is to substitute certain aspects of the text with the Campaign & AdGroup names.  In this case we will use the following ad:

Happy Land ™ Shirts
Huge Selection of XXX
We Carry All XXX Sizes!

The formulas that we write will keep the headline the same, replace the XXX in the Description line 1 with the AdGroup name & replace the XXX in the Description line 2 with the Campaign name.  Follow the steps below to customize this ad for each of your AdGroups.

Your done right?  Wrong.  Unfortunately, there will be some manual changes you must make. This the case outlined below, one of the Description Line 1 creatives exceed the 35 character max limit.  You will need to edit this ad manually to be in compliance. Before you click on Cell (J8) and make the changes, you must 1st change the cells from formulas to text. To do this: Select the data between Column I & K >> (Copy) >> (Paste Special) >> (Values) >> (OK ).  Now you can edit the Cell to bring the size down below 35 characters.

Once you are finished, Delete Columns C through H. This will align your spreadsheet into the correct format needed to paste into the Google AdWords Editor.  As you can see below, each AdGroup now has a customized ad based on the organization of the Campaign/Adgroup keywords.  (The changes to the original creative is outlined as bold.)

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