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Export More Than 500 Rows In Google Analytics – update 2016 – more analytics tricks

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  • Export More Than 500 Rows In Google Analytics – update 2016 – more analytics tricks
Posted on by Mike Poserina in Google AdWords, Google Analytics

For many people using Google Analytics, a major drawback when analyzing data is the max 500 rows constraint in their reports.  For a person who wants to look at all keywords & search phrases over the last year, it could take hours to export and compile.

The easiest way to get this data without running numerous reports is to add “&limit=50000” to the end of your URL.  Although you will still see 500 lines in the browser being displayed, when you export you will be exporting all rows up to the 50,000 line mark.

When asked what can be expected from Google search in 2009, Google’s Matt Cutts said it will be “The big year for the mobile phone.”  Matt Cutts Interview

I can definitely see this happening. Everywhere I look people are playing with their iPhones. I can name 4 people in our office alone that have purchased one in the last month.  Apple and AT&T are making record sales and I have no doubt that these mobile phones are going to be big in 2009.

So what does all of this mean for the future online marketing?  We have been told time and time again that mobile phones are going to be the new marketing media of the future. If 2007 wasn’t the “The big year for the mobile phone” then it was 2008. Or was it?

However, a big change did happen on December 8, 2008 when the Google team announced a new campaign-level option that allows AdWords advertisers to show desktop text and image ads on the iPhone, the T-Mobile G1, and other mobile devices with full (HTML) Internet browsers. These ads point to desktop landing pages so that it is unnecessary to create mobile landing pages or ads in mobile formats. This allows advertisers to display ads exclusively on these mobile devices, create campaigns for them, and get separate performance reporting. Google Mobile Article

I see this change as Google’s first step in progressing mobile advertising. Now that advertisers can target mobile devices with HTML internet browsers the next step logical step would be to integrate the click to call function into full length Adwords ads. I also believe Google has big plans for the T-Mobile G1 to compete with the iPhone. Then what about Application advertising? My favorite iPhone feature is the applications function; but how would Google advertise on applications?  Maybe Google will create a type of application network similar to the content network. This would allow ads to be easily managed within the Google Adwords account. These are some of the changes that I hope Matt Cutts is talking about when he says that 2009 is going to be “The year of the mobile phone”.