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Five Factors of Fantastic Facebook Ads

Posted on by Mike Poserina in Engine Ready, Engine Ready News, Facebook, Online Marketing

This week on Best Search Strategies, we will cover the Big Five of Facebook advertising. Tune into Webmaster Radio this Wednesday at 2:00 PM (PST) to learn the latest tips.

Need to increase your online exposure?  Look no further than Facebook’s 500 Million users to gain connections, raise brand awareness, acquire leads, and increase sales.  We’ll discuss the important factors to running a successful Facebook campaign.

Listen in as you’ll learn how to:

  1. Easily target your market with demographic targeting feature
  2. Increase the popularity of your company page
  3. Engage your audience with Facebook events
  4. Measure the success of your social media campaigns
  5. Optimize images and text to improve your conversion rate

If you want a Bing’s Free T-Shirt, With Bing”s recent tweet “@bing – Free T-Shirt Friday this week: Send us a rhyme that includes Bing and if you put it in a Haiku even better! Include #FTF ^KM” the EngineReady team figured they would show off their poetic aptitude and grace you with a few rhymes and haikus.

Brad Merkel
Search results are clear
Clutter is never a fear
Bing deserves a beer!
Brett Keeler
Paid Search is My Thing
Searchers Will Buy Anything
Advertise on Bing
Brian Lewis
When search is your thing, get on Bing!
Jay Sanders:
When you search with Bing,
You get more $cha-ching$

Mike Poserina
Soon Yahoo joins Bing
Together their alliance
Is something to sing
Keith Lovgren:
In spring I Bing
mp3, info and video
following my path
Lisa Talia
Shop on Bing
Get all my bling
Credit card goes cha ching
Matt Blatchley
Submission Pending
Brittany Bingham
With Bing, you’ll find just the thing!
Jamie Smith
Submission Pending

Now it’s your turn, show us what you got!