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Category: Google AdWords

Posted on January 25, 2013

Universal Analytics: Offline tracking opportunities in 2013?

There has been some chatter about upgrades to Google Analytics planned for 2013.  There are a few opportunities that may present themselves and a few issues that could arise from the possible

Posted on May 21, 2012

(Answer) – Where is the IP Exclusion feature in Google AdWords?

…how do I access this IP exclusion feature?

Posted on January 3, 2012

Google Ad Extensions: Subscribe to Newsletter

Google Ad Extensions Newest Beta Test: Subscribe to Newsletter

Posted on October 15, 2010

Google AdWords: Campaign Experiment BETA

A fairly new addition to the current selection of Tools in Google AdWords is the Experiment BETA. The next time you are editing your campaign settings take a look and see if

Posted on September 7, 2010

Boosting Your PPC Performance with Little-Known AdWords Segmentation Tools

This week on Best Search Strategies, we will cover the little-known segmentation tools that AdWords offers.  Not many marketers use them yet, but those that do recognize the power of segmentation tools within AdWords,

Posted on May 17, 2010

The Positives of Negative Keywords

Alright, so you have your keyword list built out. Hundreds, maybe even thousands, of keywords all ready and waiting to be typed in and searched by your beloved audience. You’re ready to

Cheat Sheet for Pay Per Click Text Ads
Posted on April 22, 2010

Writing Pay Per Click Text Ads

Does it ever seem like the tricks to increasing conversions never work? Tune in this week to Best Search Strategies as we discuss the secrets to increase your conversion leads. Join in

Posted on April 12, 2010

Use “See Search Terms” to Improve Your Quality Score

Google to Announce Change to Their Trademark Advertising Policy It is expect that on May 18, 2009 Google will announce a new change in how they approve/disapprove ads which use a trademark

Posted on March 29, 2010

Shiny New Search Funnels

It’s a new world these days when we think of businesses.  If people didn’t trust corporations & the financial industry 10 years ago, what must they think of them now?  The only

Posted on February 24, 2010

NEW: ‘Google Gears’ for AdWords

This week’s Best Search Strategies show will air on Wednesday, July 28th at 2:00pm Pacific Time.  We will be going over a 13-point checklist of the things you need to know to