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Posted on September 19, 2008

Why 1 CPA Target Is Not Enough

Many marketers establish a cost per acquisition (or cost per order) metric as a key performance indicator, and use that as one of the measurements to gauge the effectiveness of their search

By Mike Poserina
Posted on July 30, 2008

Warning: Google Adwords Phishing Emails

With Google’s latest announcement about “AdWords Comparison Ads”, it”s beginning to look like Google is taking a step away from just providing listings, to instead qualifying potential customers and providing leads. AdWords

By Mike Poserina
Posted on July 17, 2008

The Middle Child

I recently returned from Bellevue (Seattle) ,Washington after being invited for the second time by Microsoft to participate in the 2009 Search Summit (formerly known as AdChamps). This is an invite-only summit

By Mike Poserina
Posted on July 14, 2008

Thinking Outside the Bounce

Two of the most widely used metrics for measuring a landing page’s effectiveness are bounce rate and conversion rate. So why should we care about bounce rate if we’re only really interested

By Mike Poserina
Posted on July 9, 2008

My Top Ten

More than occasionally, one of our ambitious sales reps will ask me to look at a Google AdWords account in order to qualify a lead. Looking at new accounts is always exciting,

By Mike Poserina
Posted on May 9, 2008

The Perfect PPC Advertiser Platform

One of my favorite movies growing up was Weird Science. I recall watching the film for the first time with my babysitter back in the 80s. Thanks to Netflix, I was reminded

By Mike Poserina
Posted on April 22, 2008

Google: Anti-Family & Anti-Me

A few months back, Google sent me Survey request email.  Normally I ignore them, basically because Im fairly content with the current state of customer service and usability of the systems.  But

By Mike Poserina
Posted on April 18, 2008

Search Engine: Volume & Visibility

When signing on new clients we are often asked if we will be advertising in the Big 3 (Google, Yahoo, MSN). Many clients like to be up and running in these three

By Mike Poserina
Posted on April 11, 2008

Google Amputates The Long Tail

Just got back from the DMA Conference in Las Vegas and have a few observations. First, the number of online companies exhibiting appeared to be somewhat less than in prior years. I

By Mike Poserina
Posted on April 2, 2008

Chakras for Landing Pages

If business is war, then landing page testing and development are pitched battles to win consumers over competitors. Just as in war, the first thing we do in developing landing pages is

By Mike Poserina