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Strong Landing Page Development Starts Here

Posted on by Mike Poserina in Google AdWords, Landing Page Optimization

Do you have some ongoing Google AdWords campaigns that, despite being optimized, are not performing to your expectations?

Oftentimes, the problem is with the landing page copy.

To illustrate this point, let’s say we have a software company that makes a great product at a very good price. Their AdWords account has been up and running for almost 2 months. The traffic is very targeted and the quality scores are good. The ads have a very respectable click through rate.

Everything looks great except the number of conversions. Which is everything in paid search.

If the problem isn’t the keywords or their costs, then the hurdle for the users must be on the company’s landing page.

At first glance, the landing page looks good. Visually, it’s not too cluttered, which is a common problem with underperforming landing pages. On closer examination, though, the sales copy doesn’t pop like it should.

Let’s try rewriting it. Before we start, ask yourself a few questions:

1) Why should I care? – Benefits, not features! I don’t care what IT DOES. What’s it going to do FOR ME? Clearly translate the features into benefits to the user.

The first snippet of text on the landing page to rework: Custom reports are a breeze. Using our report wizard, you select only the data that you want.

No, no, no. That’s what IT does. This is supposed to be about me.

This is better:

No more pouring over spreadsheets trying to figure out how to display only the data you want, the way you want it. With just a few clicks you’ll get your data exactly how what you want it. It’s so easy, you’re going to be wondering what do with all the extra free time you have on your hands.

The user (you) is mentioned 7 times.

2) Call to action – If you want me to do something, let me know!

Currently, they have a mediocre call to action:

Try our free trial today.


We’re so sure you’re going love all the extra free time our software gives you, we’re offering it to you to try now, risk free.

3) Why here and now? Why not somewhere else?

Lets add this:

In less than 10 minutes, you’ll realize how great this software really is. Try our demo version now and when you sign up you’ll also get our report: “The Biggest Marketing Opportunities of this Holiday Season.”

The above paragraph illustrates to the user that:

1) In just a few minutes, any doubts will be answered.

2) The free report, while working as an incentive, also creates a feeling of scarcity. The upcoming holiday season? Oh, fudgesicles. It’s almost here. There might be something in there I can use. I want to find out about it sooner instead of later when other people have the information.

You’ll be amazed at how much you can increase the conversion rates of your paid search with strong landing page development.

Remember: if you’re not testing your landing pages, you might be losing sales.