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Cheat Sheet for Pay Per Click Text Ads
Posted on April 22, 2010

Writing Pay Per Click Text Ads

Does it ever seem like the tricks to increasing conversions never work? Tune in this week to Best Search Strategies as we discuss the secrets to increase your conversion leads. Join in

Posted on March 29, 2010

Shiny New Search Funnels

It’s a new world these days when we think of businesses.  If people didn’t trust corporations & the financial industry 10 years ago, what must they think of them now?  The only

Posted on February 22, 2010

AdWords Segment Feature

Occasionally, AdWords likes to add in nifty new features to its interface that even the most on-the-ball search marketers never really notice until a few months later, when they suddenly ask themselves

Posted on February 10, 2010

Adwords First Page Bid Estimates & Average Position

Does this look familiar? This inspiring sight is almost inevitable to anyone working in AdWords. Google takes care to inform you, in no uncertain terms, that your bid isn’t high enough to

Posted on December 23, 2009

Convert & Upload Google Campaigns into Yahoo

1. Open the Adwords Editor and download the newest version of your account 2. Export desired campaigns, if not all, to as .csv file 3. Open the exported csv file in Excel

Posted on November 20, 2009

Create 100’s of Unique Geo-Location Ad Creative in Minutes

There is a fantastic formula in Excel which I find myself using quite often when creating ads for Geo-Targeted campaigns.  Its called: Substitute SUBSTITUTE(text,old_text,new_text) To demonstrate how it works, here is an

Posted on April 8, 2009

Adwords Conversion Metrics

If you have recently gone to run a report in Google Adwords and attempted to customized the report by adding or removing columns you probably have noticed a change.  Under the “Conversion

Posted on July 30, 2008

Warning: Google Adwords Phishing Emails

With Google’s latest announcement about “AdWords Comparison Ads”, it”s beginning to look like Google is taking a step away from just providing listings, to instead qualifying potential customers and providing leads. AdWords

Posted on July 17, 2008

The Middle Child

I recently returned from Bellevue (Seattle) ,Washington after being invited for the second time by Microsoft to participate in the 2009 Search Summit (formerly known as AdChamps). This is an invite-only summit

Posted on July 9, 2008

My Top Ten

More than occasionally, one of our ambitious sales reps will ask me to look at a Google AdWords account in order to qualify a lead. Looking at new accounts is always exciting,