There is always a lot of buzz around the issue of ethics in SEO. For us at Engine Ready, it’s simple—ethical SEO is smart SEO. After all, to maintain ethical practices in the SEO business is not only an ethical prerogative but a practical and tactical one. It makes sense as an SEO company to follow the rules. Not just because its good of us, but because the penalties imposed by the search engines when they catch on, as well as the inevitable disinterest of users duped into clicking to your site, will eventually outweigh any benefits gained as a result of the deception.

Typically, what is meant by ethical SEO is practices that adhere to the rules laid out by the search engines. Ethical SEO ensures that the bots, and therefore the users, are directed to the information or products that are legitimately relevant to their search. Unethical SEO would mean any and all SEO strategies that attempt to deceive or manipulate the search engines—or users directly via spam links, pop up ads, spam emails, misleading or fake articles laced with links to products—these are some of the more nefarious examples of SEO done wrong.

Lessons from Penalty Recovery

One of the SEO services we provide is damage control and penalty recovery. We’ve seen numerous cases where clients have attempted to cheat the system and wound up with Google penalties (yes Google can come down awful hard) that damage their rankings so badly it takes a complete rebuild to come out of. We have first-hand knowledge of the long-term pain caused by succumbing to the temptation of short-term gain. Our goal with every client is to lead them down a long road of success. This is where the true gains are made both for them and us. Rather than shortcuts, we work on strategies with staying power.

The High Road to Success

At Engine Ready, we go above the board, honest, and by the book or we don’t go at all. This is a reflection of our ethics (we are internet users too, and hate pop ups and spam as much as the next person). This is also good business practice. For us to keep operating and for our clients to achieve the long term success upon which our reputation depends, requires that we go ethical all the way. 

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