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Landing Page Optimization

Many webmasters, and even professional SEO companies, make the mistake of focusing all their SEO energy on bringing traffic to the site without considering what will happen when the traffic gets there. Landing page optimization is about attracting the right traffic to the right pages, where there’s the highest potential for conversion, and making sure the client finds what they’re looking for. That’s how you turn traffic into sales.

Engine Ready takes a conversion oriented approach to landing page optimization. Before we arrive at a final optimization plan for a client’s site, we leverage and test multiple landing page strategies to determine the most effective approach for each segment of the website. By letting the natural traffic flow determine our strategy we can dramatically increase leads and conversions generated by PPC traffic—We get our clients more bang for their buck without increasing their SEM budget.

The first step is
identifying the
search terms and
keywords that
yield the best
quality traffic

We correlate what the user is searching for with what they’re going to find. We then direct that traffic flow to the most important, most relevant, and most impressive web pages with specific, highly optimized calls to action. When the user arrives they find the heading of the landing page matches the ad they clicked: They’re immediately assured of its relevance.

They then find a clear, bold call to action above the fold. Every call to action includes directional cues to direct the user’s attention to it (arrows, photos/videos of looking or pointing at the CTA button). In other words, layout and design helps direct customers toward a purchase. If the CTA is below the fold out of necessity, than the directional cues will point down the page, leading the viewer to the CTA button. Finally, we ensure every landing page has a single, definite purpose, and therefore, a single, focused message.

Displaying social media support is another key aspect of landing page optimization.

We advise using real testimonials for authenticity and keeping them in plain view of the user

We always suggest installing widgets from social media that Indicate social status and support/feedback

Some Do’s

  • Capture the visitor’s attention: Use a personal voice, focus the message
  • Maintain the visitor’s attention: Ensure the content addresses what they’re looking for, make sure the offer and how it will help them is loud and clear
  • Secure the sale: Lead the visitor toward the purchase with a clear CTA (order now/contact us/subscribe here)

Some Don’ts

  • Don’t be irrelevant (e.g. Don’t send offers for feminine hygiene products to the men on your email list)
  • Don’t direct inbound traffic to your homepage. Direct it to a specific tailored landing page!

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