PPC Marketing

PPC advertising is an essential aspect of any online marketing plan. In tandem with intelligent SEO, a high performing PPC campaign can have a monumental effect on relevant traffic and return on investment. The best part about PPC is that results and ROI are easily tracked. Engine Ready combines professional experience, rigorous analysis, and ongoing results monitoring to provide the best possible results for your PPC money.

AdWords Campaign Management

AdWords is a keyword-based, pay-per-click advertising platform by Google. AdWords enables businesses to advertise at the top of relevant SERPs and across Google’s platform. Engine Ready’s team consists of some of the top Adwords consultants in the business. We can create and optimize a stellar AdWords campaign for your business that will drive traffic and bring you maximum ROI.

Here’s how our
Adwords Campaign
Management strategy

  • Campaign Setup
    establish objectives, conduct research, setup ads,
    conversion, and bid settings
  • Optimize Landing Pages
    titles, layout, call to action
  • Daily Maintenance
    monitor and adjust bids based on keyword performance,
    eliminate negative keywords, redistribute daily budget
  • Reporting
    analyze and provide tracking reports to the client on traffic,
    popular ads and pages, conversion rates, ROI

Advertising on Bing

Bing AdCenter is the Bing and Yahoo! equivalent to Google AdWords. Bing ads are also keyword-based and PPC, the only difference is they appear in Bing and Yahoo! search results. Since Bing and Yahoo! are the 2nd and 3rd most popular search engines online, businesses that focus only on Google ads will miss out on massive traffic potential. Engine Ready’s PPC experts have been working with Bing for over ten years, allowing us to find you traffic where other online marketing companies aren’t even looking.

Our Bing Ad campaigns are tailored to the Bing and Yahoo! networks.
Here’s what we do:


Establish the goals of the campaign, forecasts for ad spend and revenue


Track keyword usage specifically on the Bing and Yahoo! networks and draft plans and keywords lists for each product/service


Monitor the performance of each ad group with daily and weekly checkups, adjust as necessary


Reate or begin managing your existing Bing AdCenter account and setup ads for each desired product category


Provide in-depth reports to the client on traffic, CTR, conversions, CPC, and ROI, discuss results and reconfigure approach as necessary

Landing Page Optimization

Most SEO strategy and energy is devoted to bringing relevant traffic to the site. But, once you’ve go the potential customer in the door, the next most important step is making sure you have what they’re looking for, presented in such a way as to make them want to BUY. Engine Ready provides tailored landing page optimization services. We combine proven strategies with your unique goals and needs to create a custom plan for your landing page and work with you to consistently improve it.

Testing different
approaches and tracking
results are the keys to

We test:

  • Different landing pages for different ads
  • Different elements within a page (colors, call to action, title, content, images)
  • Different offers and deals

We then track the success until we arrive at the ideal landing page to turn your traffic into sales.

PPC for Ecommerce

When we work with ecommerce clients, Engine Ready adjusts our PPC marketing strategies to maximize the results. In addition to the strategies listed above under “AdWords Campaign Management”, we take advantage of PPC approaches that only work for ecommerce businesses.

Here are a few PPC for ecommerce opportunities we can provide:

Google Display Network

In addition to text based ads, ecommerce clients can place banner ads, like a billboard on Google. Banners can increase your online presence, help you reach new marketing goals, and help promote specific new products or seasonal offers and promotions.

Product Listing Ads

By listing individual products we take advantage of new product search opportunities on search platforms like Google, shopping.com, and Bizrate.com. This means a direct click-through to the very product the customer is searching for.

Remarketing Ads

Remarketing is an extremely successful ‘second chance’ strategy. Remarketing allows you to bring potential clients back to your site with ads targeted specifically to users who have visited and left without making a purchase. It is a valuable tool in your audience targeting toolbox to re-engage interested clientele. Engine Ready’s remarketing campaigns have proven to be highly effective. Our experience will help you get results and give you a second chance on missed opportunities.