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Clients of Engine Ready and visitors to our site at engineready.com are subject to the following terms and conditions. This includes use of the Engine Ready name and its affiliates – cloudinnovations.net and seonick.net, as well as any of the intellectual property herein.

All content on this website as well as that of our affiliates is subject to international copyright laws. The content of any report, design, or statistics created under the Engine Ready name for our clients remains the property of Engine Ready and cannot be used by any third party without the written consent of Engine Ready’s ownership team. Engine Ready is a trademarked brand name. Use of it without consent is in violation of trademark laws.

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Any attempt to access the backend or to alter the content or appearance of this website or platform or any unauthorized use of the content herein is an offense punishable under the internet privacy act. We, the owners of Engine Ready maintain the sole discretion to restrict the use of any of our copyrighted materials by any of our clients or third parties if they are found in violation of any of our privacy or copyright restrictions. This includes content, design, proposals, and reports we create for third party clients. Any attempt to represent any part of our work as anything but the work of the Engine Ready team will be found in violation of our terms and conditions of business and will be pursued in a court of law.

Use and Reuse of our Communications

Any recording or sharing and redistribution of our communications over the course of private business dealings with clients, whether by email, phone, chat, or in person is in violation of our terms of service. All materials and counsel that we provide to our clients is confidential. The contract that we sign with each client will be the binding agreement in each case that governs the use of our materials by the client and their affiliated companies. By employing the services of Engine Ready or by using this website you agree to be bound by the above mentioned terms and conditions of use. You also recognize that Engine Ready and its staff and affiliated personnel are also bound by the same terms of the agreement.

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